Uni.Fund invests in Nanoplasmas, Allcancode and BibeCoffee

Nanoplasmas is a spin-out company of NCSR Demokritos, with expertise in micro-nanotechnology and surface engineering, preparing high-end consumables for health, food safety, agricultural and environmental applications. Its patented technology has been incorporated into microfluidic devices creating lab-on-chip diagnostics and lately focused on the development of a novel bacteria capture lab-on-chip kit for the detection of Legionella pheumophila bacteria in water. Nanoplasmas has several other products in the pipeline based on its innovative plasma nanotexturing technology.

Allcancode is the first Less-Code platform that accelerates and lowers the cost of web and mobile app development from design to delivery. It is the one stop shop for advertising & marketing agencies to increase their digital capacity. The company’s mission is to simplify software development and empower its customers in turning their ideas into mobile apps & websites, faster than ever before and with fewer resources.

BibeCoffee is an IoT real time monitoring solution that transforms every professional coffee machine to a smart connected terminal minimizing Revenue Loss and safeguarding Brand Quality Image. Using an innovative hardware device and easy to use platform, it aims to streamline the way Coffee Distributors, Makers and Chains work and operate; guarantying that high quality coffee is always served without compromises.

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