Clio Muse is a Software-as-a-Service to publish and sell digital themed cultural tours. It is comprised of an online authoring tool (Clio Muse CREATE) and the tour-guide app Clio Muse, available for Android and iOS devices in English, Greek, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

Since launching in February 2014, Clio Muse has successfully hosted and curated more than 130 tours for exhibitions, city walks and cultural events in Greece, Italy, Austria, the US and Brazil, and has earned 10 distinctions / awards globally for the dissemination of cultural content and its business model.




m-hospitality is an award-winning guest engagement platform, that arms hotels with new capabilities to manage customer interactions and creates memorable experiences for guests. m-hospitality turns data from multiple sources into actionable real time insights and into meaningful actions targeting individual guests, before, during and after their stay at the hotel. It empowers hotels to maximize trust and customer retention, to drive cross-sell opportunities and to expand traditional services.

m-hospitality’s solution is already used by more than one hundred 4- & 5-star hotels and small luxury hotels in Greece, France, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates and Maldives.




K-Invent is actively involved in the fields of physical rehabilitation and sports biomechanics producing innovative measuring and training devices for the facilitation of every day and athletic movements. Comprising of a group of scientists who combine strong technological skills and scientific knowledge, K-Invent produces solutions that address any challenge of professionals in sports and rehabilitation.

K-Force, K-Invent’s complete product line, is an integrated system of connected devices accessible through a single app that tracks force, balance and human movement and simplifies evidence-based reporting. It combines IoT technology with the latest trends in rehabilitation and has already been adopted by more than 500 professionals in 7 countries.



Orsay, France / Thessaloniki

PLiN Nanotechnology S.A. is a technology driven spin-off company of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), commercializing on decades of R&D. Having access to the latest research and knowledge available, PLiN’s award-winning team has developed a strong portfolio of high-quality nanomaterials for several industry sectors.

PLiN’s focus has lately been directed towards a line of para-pharmaceuticals, debuting in a brand of nano-enhanced pet products, launched under the trademark NanoSanitasTM. Inspired by nature, NanoSanitasTM silver-based technology promotes wound healing and relieves infections. NanoSanitasTM products are already exported to 9 countries.




TEKMON offers an end-to-end enterprise solution for non-desk professionals and personnel to streamline Communications, Daily Operations and Business Continuity. The system enables process standardization through a centralized information repository for review, analysis and optimization, that assists enterprises to quantify personnel’s utilization. In addition, it aids dissemination of critical notifications via multiple communication channels (push notifications, email, voice call, SMS & fax).   

TEKMON’s solution has already been adopted by key players in diverse industries, including the Athens International Airport, AB Vassilopoulos/Delhaize, and RiverWest shopping mail.




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