Allcancode is the first Less-Code platform that accelerates and lowers the cost of web and mobile app development from design to delivery. It is the one stop shop for advertising & marketing agencies to increase their digital capacity.

The company’s mission is to simplify software development and empower its customers in turning their ideas into mobile apps & websites, faster than ever before and with fewer resources.

B2B Wave is a B2B e-commerce SaaS solution for wholesale distributors that helps them create their private B2B ordering portal in a snap. Ordering, product catalogs and pricing agreements can be easily managed with B2B Wave, saving businesses time and money.

Within three years of operation, B2B Wave has managed to expand their customer base in more than 10 countries including UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, helping customers execute more than 10,000 orders every month. B2B Wave’s customers are small and medium-sized wholesale distribution businesses and are active in sectors such as medical supplies, clothing, decoration supplies, electronics, toys, pet products, and food & beverage.

Bespot operates in the location intelligence industry, offering an innovative approach in market research. bespot free mobile application transforms a walk around the city to a scavenger hunt, allowing consumers discover and win rewards at the places they visit.

At the same time, bespot insight platform for businesses, enables companies to access live statistics regarding their physical stores, other shops, specific activities and consumer preferences; combined with existing company data, these insights support informed business decisions through deep understanding of customers’ needs and preferences.

BibeCoffee is an IoT real time monitoring solution that transforms every professional coffee machine to a smart connected terminal minimizing Revenue Loss and safeguarding Brand Quality Image.

Using an innovative hardware device and easy to use platform, it aims to streamline the way Coffee Distributors, Makers and Chains work and operate; guaranteeing that high quality coffee is always served without compromises.

Clio Muse enables accredited professionals to develop impact full self -guided audio tours, following an awarded storytelling concept which are later distributed to the global tourism industry through online travel agencies.

Clio Muse has successfully hosted and curated more than 130 tours for exhibitions, city walks and cultural events in Greece, Italy, Austria and the US and has earned 10 distinctions / awards globally for the dissemination of cultural content and its business model.

CollegeLink is an on-line HR platform that emphasizes on internships and entry level positions. It enables companies to publish their personnel needs and young applicants to apply directly to job positions or showcase their professional profile to recruiters. The platform also offers a rich application management tool for recruiters who can filter, search and manage all applications through its dashboard, communicate directly with candidates, send feedback and mark applications for future use.

Offering great and curated content on candidates’ profiles, and an advanced matching algorithm that successfully matches job opportunities to eligible candidates, CollegeLink’s solution has already been adopted by more than 1300 companies in Greece, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Convert Group is leading the Data & Analytics Market Intelligence frontier in the lucrative eCommerce sectors of online pharmacy, online grocery & online beauty with its innovative platforms eRetail Audit, eRetail Content & eRetail KAD, and its services towards FMCG Manufacturers and Retailers.

The company boasts a rich portfolio of 10 out of the 15 biggest global FMCG firms including L’Oreal, P&G, Unilever, Johnson&Johnson, The Coca-Cola Company, Nestle, RB, GSK, Henkel, Bayer, Beiersdorf, FrieslandCampina, Heineken, Barilla, Colgate Palmolive, Philip Morris International, Perrigo, JDE, Pierre Fabre, Abbott and hundreds of online retailers including Ahold Delhaize, Carrefour and Rakuten.

CYRUS is a spin-off of the NSCR Demokritos, established by a team of scientists, active in the market of hydrogen energy applications for over 20 years. CYRUS offers a noise free hydrogen compression system based on metal hydrides using only water as the cooling / heating medium achieving hydrogen pressures > 350 bar.

CYRUS’ Metal Hydride Compressor has unique advantages, including no use of CRMs, and use of low – grade thermal energy resulting in very low O&M costs. Its main target market is Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) for vehicles.

DTWISE is a Greek software company offering state of the art Big Data Analytics and Industry 4.0 applications for energy efficiency, multi-level operations monitoring, automation, interconnectivity and digital transformation. The company has marketed WiseWatch platform offering real-time energy data analytics, alerts and dashboards for efficient Energy Management and WiseFuel Distributor, an innovative, complete, liquid fuel management software. The company also offers back-office services for industrial and commercial installations of any scale and size, assisting energy and automation goals.

DTWISE’s client portfolio consists of aluminum recycling companies, pharmaceuticals, commercial malls, offices, logistics companies, highway infrastructures and utilities.

EnzyQuest is the first company operating in the field of enzymatic biotechnology in Southeast Europe. It has already developed a portfolio of 70 products and currently focuses on the identification and discovery of enzymes with novel properties and pioneering applications from Extremophiles, i.e microorganisms that are able to grow optimally under very low or very high temperature, extreme pH, and high salinity.

EnzyQuest has developed a wide distribution network in Greece and Cyprus, which is currently expanding to Europe and Asia. is a technology company that changes how customer feedback is used in the omnichannel retail industry, transforming it from a static report to an active tool used to increase loyalty, improve operations and increase trust and conversion rates.

Through its platform that is used by hundreds of retailers, has been used to collect feedback from more than 4 million consumers and trigger thousands of consumer engagement actions, such as referrals, reviews and callback requests.

Exit Bee re-defines what’s possible in display advertising with Smart Exit Ads, a new, premium channel for advertisers and a new revenue stream for publishers. Smart Exit Ads outperform any other display advertising format achieving over 96% viewability and up to 40 times higher click-through rate compared to the avg. banner, while introducing new ad formats and unlimited creative options.

Smart Exit Ads are already being used by large advertisers across all industries (e.g., automotive, cosmetics, news media, banking, etc.) and by top publishers and media agencies in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Kenya, South Africa, UK and UAE.

FlexCar is a Mobility as a Service startup, which provides maximum flexibility for car usage/ownership through an online platform, that allows users to choose the car that fits their needs, receive it in a few days, and keep it for as long as they want.

FlexCar takes care of everything related to the car other than fuel and addresses the needs of those who want to avoid the commitment of buying a car, or value the hassle-free experience and the option of ownership.

FoodOxys is a spin-off of the University of Thessaly. Capitalizing on more than 15 years of world-class research on functional food and metabolic control of oxidative stress, the company aims to create and appropriate value from the global trend of self-directed care, by focusing on food as a means of wellness to prevent disease, improve health and enhance quality of life.

FoodOxys has developed a patented portable device for the assessment of the levels of glutathione in blood. A single drop of blood of the person tested is required for the testing, while results are delivered in less than 30 minutes; nutrition plans are then generated based on the individual’s antioxidants’ level to achieve better health and wellness. Other services of the company include analyses of the antioxidants in foods to assess the products’ quality level.


Intale connects and streamlines the retail industry through a business intelligence and communication platform. It has developed a cloud-based application that enables brands to communicate and interact with the retail stores and the end consumers, creating a transparent network for the retail markets, allowing all parties to communicate, promote, sell, buy, and order. InTale’s products ensure sales and cost-saving benefits for small retail businesses (such as kiosks, mini markets, grocery stores, corner shops, etc.) while collecting useful data and offering actionable insights for FMCGs.

Intale’s solution offers a 360° Retail Growth Approach; an easy-to-use “SAP” system for retailers, a data platform for FMCGs and distributors, and digital promotions engine for upselling/cross-selling.

K-Invent is actively involved in the fields of physical rehabilitation and sports biomechanics producing innovative measuring and training devices for the facilitation of every day and athletic movements. Comprising of a group of scientists who combine strong technological skills and scientific knowledge, K-Invent produces solutions that address any challenge of professionals in sports and rehabilitation.

K-Force, K-Invent’s complete product line, is an integrated system of connected devices accessible through a single app that tracks force, balance and human movement and simplifies evidence-based reporting. It combines IoT technology with the latest trends in rehabilitation and has already been adopted by professionals in 20 countries.

m-hospitality is an award-winning guest engagement platform, that arms hotels with new capabilities to manage customer interactions and creates memorable experiences for guests. m-hospitality turns data from multiple sources into actionable real time insights and into meaningful actions targeting individual guests, before, during and after their stay at the hotel. It empowers hotels to maximize trust and customer retention, to drive cross-sell opportunities and to expand traditional services.

m-hospitality’s solution is already used by more than 500 4- & 5-star hotels and small luxury hotels in 15 countries.

Nanoplasmas is a spin-out company of NCSR Demokritos, with expertise in micro-nanotechnology and surface engineering, preparing high-end consumables for health, food safety, agricultural and environmental applications.

Its patented technology has been incorporated into microfluidic devices creating lab-on-chip diagnostics and lately focused on the development of a novel bacteria capture lab-on-chip kit for the detection of Legionella pheumophila bacteria in water. Nanoplasmas has several other products in the pipeline based on its innovative plasma nanotexturing technology.

Nimbata is a cloud-based call tracking solution that allows marketing teams to track call conversions and tie these to online or offline marketing campaigns to better understand which campaigns are driving calls to their business. With local and toll-free tracking numbers, Nimbata helps users understand customer patterns, behaviors, trends, and other factors driving revenue. Users can also schedule and customize call routes to and from different destinations by the minute or hour.

With offices in Boston, USA and Athens, Greece, Nimbata is already an essential tool for digital marketing agencies worldwide.

Novoville helps local governments around the world to streamline operations, save money and enhance civic engagement, while offering citizens an improved day-to-day experience with digital services. Through a free mobile app, a webapp and several chatbots, citizens can submit requests, voice their opinion, get real-time notifications about important issues and make payments to their council.

Novoville was named one of the top 10 GovTech startups in Europe during the largest annual GovTech Summit that took place in Paris, in December 2018.

PLiN Nanotechnology S.A. is a technology driven spin-off company of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), commercializing on decades of R&D. Having access to the latest research and knowledge available, PLiN’s award-winning team has developed a strong portfolio of high-quality nanomaterials for several industry sectors.

PLiN’s focus has lately been directed towards a line of para-pharmaceuticals, debuting in a brand of nano-enhanced pet products, launched under the trademark NanoSanitasTM. Inspired by nature, NanoSanitasTM silver-based technology promotes wound healing and relieves infections. NanoSanitasTM products are already exported to 9 countries.

QCELL is a spin-off of the Technical University of Crete, Chania, which has developed and patented game-changing innovations in imaging science and technology. The company introduces a new generation of electronic imaging devices, offering video rate hyperspectral imaging.

QCELL’s products are intended to change medical practices worldwide by allowing for the clinical implementation of the “optical biopsy” and “see and treat” approaches, thus contributing to both cancer prevention and to health-care cost reduction.

TEKMON offers an end-to-end enterprise solution for non-desk professionals and personnel to streamline Communications, Daily Operations and Business Continuity. The system enables process standardization through a centralized information repository for review, analysis and optimization, that assists enterprises to quantify personnel’s utilization. In addition, it aids dissemination of critical notifications via multiple communication channels (push notifications, email, voice call, SMS & fax).

TEKMON’s solution has already been adopted by key players in diverse industries, including the Athens International Airport, AB Vassilopoulos/Delhaize, and RiverWest shopping mall.