Clio Muse enables accredited professionals to develop impact full self -guided audio tours, following an awarded storytelling concept which are later distributed to the global tourism industry through online travel agencies.

Clio Muse has successfully hosted and curated more than 130 tours for exhibitions, city walks and cultural events in Greece, Italy, Austria and the US and has earned 10 distinctions / awards globally for the dissemination of cultural content and its business model.

CollegeLink is an on-line HR platform that emphasizes on internships and entry level positions. It enables companies to publish their personnel needs and young applicants to apply directly to job positions or showcase their professional profile to recruiters. The platform also offers a rich application management tool for recruiters who can filter, search and manage all applications through its dashboard, communicate directly with candidates, send feedback and mark applications for future use.

Offering great and curated content on candidates’ profiles, and an advanced matching algorithm that successfully matches job opportunities to eligible candidates, CollegeLink’s solution has already been adopted by more than 1300 companies in Greece, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Exit Bee re-defines what’s possible in display advertising with Smart Exit Ads, a new, premium channel for advertisers and a new revenue stream for publishers. Smart Exit Ads outperform any other display advertising format achieving over 96% viewability and up to 40 times higher click-through rate compared to the avg. banner, while introducing new ad formats and unlimited creative options.

Smart Exit Ads are already being used by large advertisers across all industries (e.g., automotive, cosmetics, news media, banking, etc.) and by top publishers and media agencies in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Kenya, South Africa, UK and UAE.


FlexCar is a Mobility as a Service startup, which provides maximum flexibility for car usage/ownership through an online platform, that allows users to choose the car that fits their needs, receive it in a few days, and keep it for as long as they want.

FlexCar takes care of everything related to the car other than fuel and addresses the needs of those who want to avoid the commitment of buying a car, or value the hassle-free experience and the option of ownership.

Novoville helps local governments around the world to streamline operations, save money and enhance civic engagement, while offering citizens an improved day-to-day experience with digital services. Through a free mobile app, a webapp and several chatbots, citizens can submit requests, voice their opinion, get real-time notifications about important issues and make payments to their council.

Novoville was named one of the top 10 GovTech startups in Europe during the largest annual GovTech Summit that took place in Paris, in December 2018.