Allcancode is the first Less-Code platform that accelerates and lowers the cost of web and mobile app development from design to delivery. It is the one stop shop for advertising & marketing agencies to increase their digital capacity.

The company’s mission is to simplify software development and empower its customers in turning their ideas into mobile apps & websites, faster than ever before and with fewer resources.

B2B Wave is a B2B e-commerce SaaS solution for wholesale distributors that helps them create their private B2B ordering portal in a snap. Ordering, product catalogs and pricing agreements can be easily managed with B2B Wave, saving businesses time and money.

Within three years of operation, B2B Wave has managed to expand their customer base in more than 10 countries including UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, helping customers execute more than 10,000 orders every month. B2B Wave’s customers are small and medium-sized wholesale distribution businesses and are active in sectors such as medical supplies, clothing, decoration supplies, electronics, toys, pet products, and food & beverage.

Intale connects and streamlines the retail industry through a business intelligence and communication platform. It has developed a cloud-based application that enables brands to communicate and interact with the retail stores and the end consumers, creating a transparent network for the retail markets, allowing all parties to communicate, promote, sell, buy, and order. InTale’s products ensure sales and cost-saving benefits for small retail businesses (such as kiosks, mini markets, grocery stores, corner shops, etc.) while collecting useful data and offering actionable insights for FMCGs.

Intale’s solution offers a 360° Retail Growth Approach; an easy-to-use “SAP” system for retailers, a data platform for FMCGs and distributors, and digital promotions engine for upselling/cross-selling.

m-hospitality is an award-winning guest engagement platform, that arms hotels with new capabilities to manage customer interactions and creates memorable experiences for guests. m-hospitality turns data from multiple sources into actionable real time insights and into meaningful actions targeting individual guests, before, during and after their stay at the hotel. It empowers hotels to maximize trust and customer retention, to drive cross-sell opportunities and to expand traditional services.

m-hospitality’s solution is already used by more than 500 4- & 5-star hotels and small luxury hotels in 15 countries.

TEKMON offers an end-to-end enterprise solution for non-desk professionals and personnel to streamline Communications, Daily Operations and Business Continuity. The system enables process standardization through a centralized information repository for review, analysis and optimization, that assists enterprises to quantify personnel’s utilization. In addition, it aids dissemination of critical notifications via multiple communication channels (push notifications, email, voice call, SMS & fax).

TEKMON’s solution has already been adopted by key players in diverse industries, including the Athens International Airport, AB Vassilopoulos/Delhaize, and RiverWest shopping mall.